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“You wanted me,” he asked coming in to the General’s office.

“In a manner of speaking,” Mustang answered with his usual infuriatingly coy smirk, just before the office door slammed shut and the lock clicked into place. Edward glanced back at it as dread and trepidation crawled under his skin.

“W-what…how did you do that,” he demanded.

“I have my ways,” Mustang answered rubbing a finger along his jaw line, smirk just as infuriating. Ed clinched his fists wishing he could deck the Bastard.

“Come here,” Mustang demanded, leaning back in his chair.


“I said,” Roy’s voice had a dangerous tone to it, “come here.”

Ed studied him, hesitant a moment, before he stepped up to the desk with a scowl.

“Here,” he asked in a petulant manner.

“No,” Roy answered, tone lighter, as he pushed back his chair and twisted it out to the side, “Here.” He held up a hand to point down at the floor space right in front of him. Ed stared at him before reluctantly moving to the indicated area with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. Once standing in place he raised an eyebrow silently asking why the hell he was standing there.

“Now get on your knees.”

“What…” Ed’s eyes widened in alarm. “If you think I’m going to do that kind of shit for you, you’re fucking…” A swiftly hooked boot behind his kneecap brought him gasping to the floor.

“You were saying.” Roy’s voice was so curt and arrogant it had flashes of fury zapping to every nerve ending. Ed’s face burned in humiliation as he realized it was planted squarely in the other man’s crotch. He let out a warning growled, trying to push himself away. Fingers dug tightly into his hair as his head was shoved back down. His cheek forced to rub against the growing bulge in the older man’s pants.

“You know you like it.” Roy’s voice was like velvet covered fingers running down his spine. Ed clinched his jaw hard as he fought off the burning desire to give in to Roy’s every whim. To let the older man play with him, bend his body into submission, and use him like a toy.

“Why don’t you stop pretending for once and do what you’re told.”

“Fuck you.” Ed growled trying to shove himself away from the man’s crotch, only to yelp as his head was yanked back by the tight grip in his hair.

“Oh I intend to.” Roy leaned in to nip at Ed’s bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth. Ed couldn’t help the low moan he let out as his heart began to race.

“I can make this extremely enjoyable for the both of us,” Roy purred against his lips, “or,” Ed winced as the fingers in his hair suddenly became so tight he was frightened it was going to be ripped out, “I can make it extremely  painful. …It’s really all up to you.”

Ed stared into cold black eyes for a moment, before his eyes fell shut as he leaned forward slightly in a press of lips to indicate his decision. His hair was released as long fingers began massaging his scalp almost affectionately.

“Good boy,” Roy purred leaning back in his chair.

Ed rolled his eyes as he leaned in to take the metal zipper of Roy’s military pants between his teeth. Running his hands up Roy’s thighs to his belt, he unbuckled it as he pulled the zipper down with his mouth.


Something outside the window slammed, shattering the peaceful morning atmosphere. Ed stared up at the ruff wood of his ceiling as all the blood in his body, not currently occupied with his dick, rushed to his face.

He threw the blankets off himself trying to release some of the heat radiating from his body.  

Okay, so he’d realized, and even admitted to Al, a long time ago that he had a huge ass crush on Roy fucking Mustang. But, was he really so sexually frustrated that he’d want the man to practically rape him.

He could just see the arrogant, playboy, son of a bitch treating him like that too.

He’d always scuffed at the saying about there being a thin line between love and hate…until he’d developed a crush on Mustang. Ed sighed, rolling his eyes at himself. Who was he kidding…until he’d realized he’d always had a crush on Mustang.

Ed sighed in frustration as he glanced at the clock, 6:37. He looked back at the ceiling with a frown.

“Would jacking off to that dream make me a sick pervert?”

Ed’s left hand slid over his chest to rub at a hardened nipple as his right hand slid down over his abs. Though, it will make it super awkward to look at the Bastard later today. His fingers hesitated at the waistband of his boxers.

“Eh, fuck it.”

Not like it’s not already going to be super awkward.

Ed let out a breath as the palm of his hand slid over his length, pushing his boxer out of the way and freeing his erection.

Shuffling down to spread out over the bed, he reached back to the shelves making up his headboard to blindly snatch the bottle of lube.

Ed sucked in his bottom lip, muffling a wonton moan, as he smeared lube down his cock. With a huffing whine he twisted his head to bury his face into the pillow. Setting a steady pace he let his mind wonder back to the dream.

Dark eyes burning with lust. Strong fingers running through his hair. Firm moist lips sucking at his own. The metallic tang of metal on his tongue.

Distant memories calling forth the spicy musk of Roy’s cologne. Of glossy pail skin glowing in the firelight.

“Oh fuck…Roy,” Ed moaned panting into the pillow as his imagination transferred the tight grip of fingers in his hair to the tightening grip of his own fingers around his shaft.

Ed groaned biting his lip as his strokes quickened, “hem…Roy,” just as his bedroom door was slammed open.


Eyes widening, he felt his whole body lock up in fright. His nerves shuddering in frustration as his erection died seconds from completion.

“Al!” Ed’s voice hit a high note only dogs could hear, as he franticly tried to cover his exposed crotch with his arms.

“Oh my God! My eyes,” Al yelled covering his face with his hands. “I’m scared for life,” he moaned, “I’ll never be the same again.”

Ed scowled rolling his eyes as he pulled up part of the sheet to clean off the lube. Still slightly upset his orgasm had been ruined.

“It’s not like you don’t have anything I don’t.” Ed frowned to himself wondering if that sentence sounded right.

Fingers parted as a golden eye peeked down at him.

“Why are you looking pervert!” Ed yelped scrambling to pull up his boxers.

“I thought you said I don’t have anything you don’t,” Al teased dropping his hands.
“I thought you said I don’t have anything you don’t,” Ed mocked as he shoved past his brother and into the kitchen.

“Eh, but you’re wrong brother.” Al’s voice was sweet and innocent, like a child trying to keep their mother from finding out they had set the house on fire.

“About what?” Ed glanced back at him wirily as he yanked open the refrigerator and snatched up the orange juice.

“I’m much bigger than you,” Al announced in complete and utter cheerfulness.

Ed gasped, choking on the gulp of juice he’d just swallowed, as he fell into a coughing fit, glaring death at his stupidly grinning little brother.

Ed’s eyes fell on the row of butcher knives sticking out of the knife rack on the counter.

No Ed! You spent half your life working to get that body back, sticking knives into it will completely ruin all of that hard work…completely ruin it…completely…all of that hard work…

His hand slid an inch or two across the counter.

…There will be blood everywhere…a complete mess…you’ll have to clean!

Ed continued to argue with himself as Al took a seat at the kitchen table.

“So, still hot on Mustang I see?”

“Wha-what?” Ed wiped around to stare at his little brother like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Brother, really, you should just tell him.” Al sighed giving him an exasperated look. “At least then you’d know if you have a chance or not.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ed spun back to the counter, face burning, to grab the loaf of bread.

“Brother…” Al trailed off as Winry came in the door.

“Does no one know how to knock,” Ed muttered sliding two pieces of bread into the toaster.

“Uncle Eddie!” Maes squealed squirming around in Winry’s arms to get down.

“Okay, okay…sheesh,” Winry huffed almost dropping him as she set him on the floor.

“Hey Kid-O!” Ed grinned lifting him up into his arms. Laughing as his nephew let out another happy squeal as he wrapped his arms around his neck and cuddled into his face.

“Winry,” Ed greeted with a mischievous grin as he looked her over, “you’re looking…fat.”

“B-brother…” Al’s voice trembled with frightened warning as he cowered down into his chair. Winry’s whole body visibly stiffened.

“What was that you…you…”

“Honey don’t curse in front of Maes,” Al cut in quickly, only to cower back into his chair when her furious glower was turned on him. To which he shot Ed an accusatory look.

“Mommy’s not fat silly,” Maes laughed poking at Ed’s cheek, “she’s gana have a baby.”

“Oh is she now,” Ed asked with a grin snuggling into the side of his nephew’s face, “and here I thought she was just letting herself go.”

“You are so lucky you’re holding Maes right now!” Winry scowled clinching her purse, where Ed just knew there’d be a wrench, tight in her hands.

“Brother, you’re not supposed to upset a pregnant woman,” Al muttered with a dark look.

“…Yah good luck with that,” Ed shifted Maes up farther in his arms, “that’s why I’m so glad I’m gay.”

“Why,” Al asked with a coy smirk, “cause between you and the General, it’d be you getting knocked up?”

Ed stared, his eyes widening as his mouth fell open. “A-are you calling me a girl!”

Winry snickered, seemingly appeased by this, as she took a seat next to Al. “Well, with all the long pretty hair and those big golden eyes…” she mocked in a babyish tone of voice. Ed scowled turning his back to them as his toast popped up.

“What exactly are the two of you here for anyway,” Ed asked with a huff as he grabbed the jam from the fridge.

“…We’re getting married,” Al answered after a moment. Ed glanced back at him wondering why his brother sound hesitant when telling him that.

“Well it’s about time.” His struggled slightly to make sure his grin was perfectly happy as his gut tied it’s self into a not. “I don’t know why you two waited so long anyway,” he muttered offering his second piece of toast to Maes.

My little brother is going to have a wife and kids –kids, as in more than one– before I even lose my virginity.

“We figured…” Winry began hesitantly, fidgeting with the charm bracelet Al made her for Maes baby shower, “since Granma Pinako passed away and most of our friends live here we’d have the wedding here in Central.”

“And of course I’d like you to be my best man,” Al added shooting him a grin.

“Of course,” Ed agreed returning the grin, this time completely genuine. “Now, I’d love to stay and entertain,” he handed Maes back to Winry who gave off a disbelieving snort, “but I’ve got to head to work. I’m off tomorrow though, so we can spend the whole day going over wedding plans.” He fought to keep his voice light and cheerful, but from the looks on both their faces he doubted he succeeded. Hopefully they’d just chock it up to him not wanting to be a part of any kind of social gathering plans.

“Bye-bye little man,” Ed grinned leaning in to give his nephew a sloppy kiss on the cheek before heading back into his room to get dressed.

“Talk to General Mustang, Brother,” Al called after him. To which Ed slammed his bedroom door shut.

Ya that was so not happening.

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A shiver crawled down his spine as a crow called out in the distance. The landscaped grounds at the front of the building were deserted, the sun just a sliver of light on the horizon. His footsteps echoed in the silence. Eerie shadows, like reaching hands of a skeleton, feel across the concrete walkways. His heart jumped as a flock took flight from a tree a few yards away.

Roy frown at the empty reception desk as he stepped through the front doors of Central Headquarters. The morning shift receptionists should have been there by now.

He shrugged to himself, fidgeting with his cuff links as he moved on down the hall towards the elevators. Also, now that he thought about it, Central is never this deserted this time of the morning either.

What the hell is going on?

The turning gears of the elevator sounded loud in his ears. He drew in a slow breath trying to ease the growing constriction around his lungs. He swore he could hear a clock ticking, echoing off down the empty halls. He fought back the urge to rub up and down his arms as goose bumps broke out across his skin.

A silent breath of relief slipped past his lips as the doors slid open to reveal a group of soldiers waiting. He paused expecting to get the standard salutes and good mornings, but they just moved past him onto the elevator as though he weren’t even there. Roy frowned as he strode down the hall. Really, he got enough of that from Fullmetal he didn’t need that kind of crap from others here as well.

Stepping into the office, Roy’s stride stumbled as he caught sight of Havoc sitting at Hawkeye’s desk.

“Havoc get back to your own desk before Hawkeye shoots you.” Roy’s command went completely ignored as the phone rang.

“Lt. Colonel Havoc speaking.”

Roy stared. What? Havoc wasn’t a Lt. Colonel, he’d just barely been moved up to First Lieutenant.

“Oh hey Sugar-bear!”

…Sugar ….Bear?

No wonder Havoc always got dumped, if that’s how he talked to his girlfriends. Roy paused, frowning at the blonde man. Why was one of his girls calling Hawkeye’s desk.

“What! Of course I’m always proud of you! You’re daddy’s little girl and you’ll always be daddy’s little girl, no matter what.”

Roy felt as though the world had tilted on its side. Havoc sounded like he was talking to a daughter. Havoc didn’t have a daughter!

“What the hell is going on?” Roy growled looking around at them all. “If this is some kind of prank I’m going to punish the lot of you, very severely.”

“Bet cha 1000 cenz she’s upset cause my little girl beat her at the shooting tournament again.”

Roy heard Breda call over to Fury. Havoc shot the redhead a dark look, still cooing soothingly to whoever was on the phone.

His little girl?

“You shouldn’t sound so gleeful about that Heymans, you know how hard she’s going to take it,” Fury scolded as he wiped down the glass and metal frames of various pictures on his desk. Roy’s eyes widened. Pictures of what appeared to be Fury’s wife and kids.

How was that even possible?

Roy squinted at the photo. Unless that was Cain’s parents and his own little sister. That man sure looks like Cain Fury, but then, Roy didn’t have a clue what Cain’s parents actually looked like. Did Cain even have a little sister? Roy’s frown deepened when he realized he was unable to answer that question. What the hell! Shouldn’t he know that kind of thing about his subordinates?

But he knew for a fact Havoc and Breda didn’t have daughter’s. …at least he didn’t think… No! He knew they didn’t, damnit, they would have told him something important like that.

Roy glared around at them all. Falman was off in the corner ignoring it all, working on paperwork. At least someone isn’t trying to fuck with his mind this morning. With another growl he stormed through his office door. Only to freeze in his tracks.

“You know just cause I’m closer in age to you than anyone else in the office doesn’t lessen my authority any. I’m still your commanding officer and it’s about time you learned some damn respect.”

Roy blinked wandering for the first time if perhaps he was dreaming, as he watched Edward Elric pull of an Academy Award winning impression of himself.

Okay, this was getting ridiculous. How did they even talk Ed into doing this? That little act just proved him right about Fullmetal being an insubordinate brat. Though, Roy mused half amused half frustrated, he doubted the blonde cared about the insubordinate part.

“What was that Brat? Oh yeah, you go ahead and do that and we’ll just see what happens to you. You make any more paperwork for me than you already do and I’ll transmute you to the floor of my office and leave you there all weekend.”

Roy raised an eyebrow at the blonde with a slight frown. Edward couldn’t do alchemy any more. Though, he smirked, transmuting him to the floor and leaving him there for the weekend sounded like a great idea.

“Stupid brat hanging up on me.” Edward slammed the phone down in its cradle as he let his eyes fall shut and rubbed at his temple.

Roy couldn’t help the snicker that slipped out. Edward was just acting so much like he himself acted when dealing with Edward.


…No response.

Roy was about to repeat himself when he noticed Ed staring off at something on the wall, with a horrible air of sadness falling in around him. Roy followed his line of vision to a long ways, poster sized portrait. A portrait of the whole team. Roy’s eyes widened as he stared at it in wonder.

A portrait with Ed and himself in the middle. With their arms slung around each other…looking happy.

“Fuck Roy…I miss you so fucking much.”

Roy stiffened before snapping his head back to stare at the blond in complete shock.

Edward’s face had fallen into the cradle of his arms as he gripped at his hair.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!” Ed growled into the desk. “You were supposed to be Fuhrer damnit. Not buried next to Hughes!”

Every muscle in Roy’s body tightened into an immovable rock.

“You said forever. Why did it end like this?”


Roy’s eyes snapped open. He took in a deep breath trying to will his frozen body to relax and his pounding heart to calm down.

What the hell kind of dream was that!

…And why did Fullmetal sound like his morning lover? …Not that he’d mind the lover part.

Roy mentally slapped himself. Fourteen! He’s fourteen years younger than you.

He felt his blood begin to rush south as his mind flash brief images of long golden hair, sun kissed skin, and beautiful fiery eyes.

Roy groaned rolling over to bury his head in the pillow. With a sigh he glanced over at the clock to see what time his weird subconscious had decided to wake him up at. Only to catch sight of the small flip calendar on his bedside table.

An involuntary whimper slipped out as a cold smothering blanket of icy glum fell over him.

No wonder he was having such weird dreams. It was the thirtieth of September. Someone, he bet money on Havoc, had circled the date with a big red marker.

He was now forty years old.

He could feel his skin begin to wrinkle.

“I wonder if I could get away with calling in sick today.” The image of the person on the other end of that phone call made him blanch. There was absolutely no way General Armstrong didn’t know today was his birthday. Che not like that bitch would have let him off even if he was on his death bed.

Roy frowned, cuddling his pillow for comfort. Maybe he could get Hawkeye to cover for him. He eyed the phone thoughtfully. Well, it couldn’t hurt to try.


“What! You don’t even know what I’m calling for.”

There was silence for a moment. “Happy birthday Sr. would you like a ride to work?”

“No I would not,” Roy said pouting like a spoiled child.

“Very well Sr. I’ll see you at work then.” Just as the line went dead lighting lit up the say, followed by a window shuddering crack of thunder. Roy moaned flopping back on to his back and staring up at the ceiling morosely.

With a sigh he forced himself up and out of bed. He doubted even his birthday would stop Hawkeye from threatening to shoot him if he ended up being late.

Roy paused on his way into the bathroom, staring at his refection in the mirror. Did his stomach always stick out like that?

He poked at it, watching it indent and reflate in morbid fascination. Glancing back up at the mirror with a frown, he froze.


No way in hell. He was only forty damnit, he wasn’t old enough to be getting gray hair.

He leaned in to examine it more closely, running a hand through his hair. Roy blinked, confused. He swore he saw a patch of gray a second ago. Feeling his face heat up in embarrassment, he hurried to brush his teeth and shave.

It’s all in your head idiot, he scolded himself as he threw on his uniform and headed for the door.

Roy frowned at the heavy sheet of rain coming down beyond the cover of his front porch. With a sigh he extended his umbrella before making a mad dash out to his car.

He scowled at the large amounts of water dripping all over his front seat as he inserted the key into the ignition.

The car wound three times before falling dead. Roy stared out the front windshield as his mind went blank.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

He tried a few more times with the same result.

He let his head fall onto the steering wheel as he fought the irrational urge to star sobbing.

Today was not going to be a good day.



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